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    Thank you for checking in on Shadow&Soul Photography! I am currently based out of Bloomfield Hills, MI, and I specialize in on-location lifestyle, still life, and portrait photography for adults, children, and families. Here you can view some of my latest photos and follow along as I document my everyday adventures. If you are interested in viewing my work in a more organized fashion, you may wish to view my client and art portfolios using the buttons above.

    Please kick back and enjoy the images, and drop me a line or leave a few notes on any of my posts if you like what you see. It's a pleasure having you here! - rhs :)

My shoe closet friends just welcomed a new sister – a very early b-day gift from the Mr., these lovely ladies just arrived from the UK. :) They are so pretty and so very well made – a different and welcome new style to complete my “borrowed from the boys” look.  I cannot wait to wear them out!


 Grenson “Martha” Wing-tip Brogues in Tan



Outfit 1: Grensons | Bottom: Habitual ‘Alice’ Coated Denium | Top: AT Sweater + KAIN Tee

Outfit 2: Grensons | Bottom: CoH ‘Avedon’ Skinny Jeans | Top: J. Crew Flannel + Zara Vest